Maintaining the Beauty of your Hair Extensions

If you have just recently bought and installed some human hair extensions, then you must know how to correctly care for them in order to not only make their shelf life longer, but to also make sure you get the maximum out of the purchase:

1. Wash your extensions before installing them: If you plan to install the extensions by yourself, then washing them beforehand will only take a few minutes, though if you have the extensions installed professionally, then you can surely trust the salon professionals for having washed the extensions before attaching them. Should you decide to wash them yourself, keep in mind that you must hold and wash them as they are positioned vertically.

2. Whenever taking a daily shower, remember that you don’t have to wash your hair every single day of the week. You can wash your hair at least once a week and that would still do the job. Furthermore, whenever shopping for products of hair care, make sure to buy a shampoo which isn’t more than pH 7, as well as alcohol free, in order to avoid any damage to the extensions.

3. As for hair conditioning, work out your way from the hair ends to the scalp. Do not actually massage the scalp, which is generally advised for individuals who do not have any hair extensions.

4. Do not fear styling aids. Products of hair care like hairspray, mousse, gel and even curling or straightening irons may be applied on all hair extensions, especially if one takes time to specifically care for them. Make sure that such products are completely alcohol free and that they are not used on the extensions every single day.

5. Maintain shining extensions by braiding them before sleeping. By leaving them fully braided overnight, you will properly protect them from possible tangles, as they are constrained.

6. If you decide to go with curling hair extensions, then opt for good steam rollers. They possess reduced heat than those conventional curling irons.

7. If you decide to invest on permed or any curly hair extensions, then you’ll have to exert some more effort than the straight or naturally wavy hair. For example, avoid combing or brushing the hair when it is dry since this will result in tangled or matted strands.

8. To maintain curls, you may also tie the hair and make a loose big braid at the neck base before going to sleep and then simply undoing that braid upon waking up the following morning.

9. Unfortunately, swimming is not a recommended activity to perform when wearing hair extensions. Both beaches and pools possess chemicals which can damage your hair strands. If you must, then comb your hair first in order to lessen tangles and maintain your head above the water.

10. It may sound tempting to put on a swimming cap in order to protect the hair, though it is actually quite the contrary. The friction that is caused by swimming caps may causing hair matting.

Human hair extensions don’t actually get nutrients from scalps, which strengthens the need for extra care, in order to maintain their beauty and shine. Invest in proper products and take the right caution when handling human hair extensions so that you make the most out of them.