Custom Made To Measure Wigs

We at Wigs of London know that a personalized wig can make all the difference, therefore we offer you the option to design your own personalized wig. All custom made wigs are made from the top finest, silkiest European hair. For some examples please browse the European Hair Wigs page.

Just call one of our wig salons, give us a description or send us a picture or colour swatch by email to . Our in-house stylists can fit, cut, colour, and add highlights or length to make an in-stock wig in as little as 1-2 business days.

If you are ordering a custom human hair wig, please allow 6 weeks (we will make every effort to do it more quickly, unless extremely long lengths or rare natural colour is required).

Please fill in the form below if you would like to order a custom made to measure wig or you can make an appointment with one of our stylists who will go through the form with you assisting you in choosing the most tailor made wig capturing the perfect look you require.


Please supply these measurements for your custom cap:

  • Cap Type:

     Regular Cap Silk-Lined Cap Handmade Net Handmade Net with Silk Lining

  • Specialty Parts and Tops:

     Skin Part Skin Cap French Part French Cap Lace Part Lace Cap

    Hair Style, Length & Details

  • Part

     Side Center Off Center Wrong Side No Part

  • Hair Quality

     Straight Fine Straight Straight with Body at Bottom Slight Wave Medium Wave Curly Super Curly

  • Fullness

     Thin Thin on Sides Normal Thick

  • Style

    (Check those that apply)

     Off the Face Height in Front Wisps Bangs

  • Hair Length
  • Total Length of Hair from Crown

  •  All One Length Layered All Over
  • Baby Hairs

     Sides Entire Hairline

  • Baby Hairs Quality

    Choose One:

     Straight Wavy Curly

    Choose One:

     Short Long


  • Blended

     In Front (at Bangs) Crown All Over

  • Lightly Streaked

     In Front (at Bangs) Crown All Over

  • Heavy Streaks

     In Front (at Bangs) Crown All Over

Additional Comments:

Contact Information:

We will contact you by phone to confirm the total price of the wig and to take a deposit payment for the wig.