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Tips For Choosing A Wig Style Which Will Slim Your Face
Posted on Feb 04, 2014


People tend to constantly experiment with their appearances and looks in order to look more attractive and better. Clothes, accessories and hairstyles constitute an important element in one’s general look. Even some unusual wigs of different cuts and hairstyles are currently highly in demand in order to accentuate one’s overall look. Wigs are being increasingly used by people who a… Click Here

Hair Flowers – Boosters of Self-Confidence and Hair Beauty!
Posted on Feb 04, 2014


Healthy, lustrous and long hair is definitely a gift of nature. Traditionally, hair has always been an integral component of a woman’s beauty, which is why women have adopted over centuries various means of enhancing the look of hair. Putting on natural flowers in one’s hair was very common many years ago. Flower hair clips and bands were a strong trend during the 20th century… Click Here

Maintaining the Beauty of your Hair Extensions
Posted on Feb 04, 2014

If you have just recently bought and installed some human hair extensions, then you must know how to correctly care for them in order to not only make their shelf life longer, but to also make sure you get the maximum out of the purchase:

1. Wash your extensions before installing them: If you plan to install the extensions by yourself, then washing them beforehand will only take a few min… Click Here