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Simmys Wigs was launched about 12 years ago in London. Initially, Simmys Wigs was launched to serve the interest of the local Jewish Orthodox community  as all married women wear wigs. However, our customer base has grown considerably to include ladies with alopecia, women with all types of hair loss, with customers as far as Wales who have travelled to purchase and style some of our fantastic wigs.

Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs are made from man made fibres. They are the cheapest type of wig that you can buy. The advantages to purchasing a synthetic

Human Hair Wigs

Human Hair Wigs are generally made from Chinese or Asian hair. The hair is better quality than Synthetic Wigs but not as sleek and superior as the

European Hair Wigs

European Hair wigs are the best quality wigs that you can purchase. The hair is the finest, silkiest and highest quality available on the market.

Custom Made Wigs

We at Wigs of London know that a personalized wig can make all the difference, therefore we offer you the option to design your own personalized

mens wigs

Please find below a selection of different styles of mens wigs from our store.

Best Magazine

A couple of years ago there was a 2 page article written in Best Magazine by a lady who lost hair due to Alopecia, and how her life changed when

Alopecia online

Welshcakes and I visited Simmy's wig shop in Hendon, London recently, and had a very good experience there.

Styling Salon

Please feel free to visit one of our London wig stores in either Hendon or Golders Green. You will be very impressed with the huge selection and quality